"Be the change you want to see in the world."

At the heart of our operation lies a lifestyle choice and a commitment to respect, care for, and preserve our land. Organic farming, food and energy self-sufficiency, and a natural way of living are principles and challenges that form part of our daily life.

Here, we are trying, choice by choice, to put into practice what we would like to see in the world.


The farmhouse has been renovated using primarily original materials or materials reclaimed from other rural structures: beams, roof tiles, bricks, terracotta floors, and local stones.


The furniture consists exclusively of original Tuscan pieces from the 19th century, purchased only after careful research, and then restored and given a second life by our hands. Each piece has its own story to tell, and it's up to us to listen.


We do laundry in-house, allowing us to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. Except for special requests, bed linen and towels are changed weekly to reduce water and energy use and to lessen the environmental impact of detergents.



The thick stone walls and the ventilated roof ensure good thermal insulation. In winter, the entire structure is heated with our own firewood through an underfloor heating system powered by a wood-fired boiler.

In summer, hot water is produced using solar panels. The facility does not have air conditioning; instead, each apartment is equipped with fans. This is an environmentally and aesthetically conscious choice aimed at minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment in which we are immersed.

We are located in a scenic conservation area and are subject to restrictions that we want and need to respect.

Installing an air conditioning system would involve the presence of external units that generate heat and noise. Restrictions prevent placing them on the roof, so they would have to be installed near the windows of the rooms and outdoor spaces. This would disrupt the peace and quiet that characterizes the area.



The food and beverages we serve are either produced by us or locally sourced, as part of our ongoing effort to highlight the bounty that our land can offer and support the small-scale producers who cultivate it.

We grow our own vegetables, fruits, produce extra virgin olive oil, eggs, aromatic herbs, and much more. The water used in our facility is drawn from our own groundwater, made potable through a treatment system. After use, it’s purified and returned to the ground.



We manage waste through recycling, with a significant portion of organic waste being recycled directly on-site as chicken feed or used for composting.


Our near-term goals are to install photovoltaic panels to reduce our dependence on the national electricity grid, and to completely eliminate the use of plastics and single-use packaging.


Here, you won't find fast roads, but rather small country lanes, slow ascents, and curves where you can take time to enjoy the scenery.

You won't find loud music and chaos, but rather silence, chirping birds, and the sounds of nocturnal wildlife.

You won't find illuminated streets, but the light of the starry sky.

You won't find all the comforts that modern life can offer, but only what is possible with respect for the nature in which we’re immersed.

You won't find social events, but only greenery, clean air, and a sense of freedom.


If you're ready to embrace all of this, then you’re the perfect guest for a stay at Agriturismo La Romagnana.